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Wallet Recommendations

My recommendations for the highest quality wallets I’ve found around the Internet. Most of these are made by companies which consist of a single maker. Only a few are made by companies with more than one or two people. Most of these makers offer higher-end leathers such as shell cordovan. Most will be hand-stitched. Most will do custom work so please message them if you want a custom make-up. The prices may be high but they will be commensurate with the quality of materials and the work involved. I have linked directly to the maker’s website or Etsy shop, if available. For the makers for whom there’s only an Instagram link, you will need to message them on Instagram to commission a piece.

Chester Mox

Mildy Hands

Minority Leathercraft

United Leather

Leatherbound Ink

Monk Made Goods


Nerb Handcrafted

Ashland Leather

Lone Wolf Leather

Nine October Handcraft

I am not affiliated with any of these makers. I do not receive any revenue if you buy one of these wallets. This is my honest review of the best wallet makers on the web.


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