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    Fake MMA beefs are still stupid

    Beyond Meat is now behind Adesanya vs Costa for the largest producer of fake beef. #ufc253

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    No more stand ups.

    Every referee stand up in MMA is a travesty. #mma #nomorestandups

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    Kingdome turf seams

    How did any ACLs survive the turf of the 70s, 80s, and 90s? Look at those seams!

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    My IG ads are full of unsigned musicians asking for support while wearing big label conglomerate fashion. If you’re an indie artist looking for support then show support to indie fashion artists.

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    Those who don't vote can't complain.

    Maximize your complain equity. Vote 3rd party.

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    Surveillance Self Defense

    A practical guide for protecting yourself online. This is where I refer people who want to take the first step toward hardening their online security.

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    Terms of Service; Didn't Read

    Peer-reviewed analysis of Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. Ratings are broken down by popular ToS components. (ownership, 3rd parties, data handling, change notify , etc) Complements @TOSback

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    Holiday Gift Ideas

    A nice slubby midnight blue shantung tie from Drake’s at Gentlemen’s Footwear.

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    Quality Menswear in San Diego

    In the the menswear desert of San Diego, Gentlemen’s Footwear is an oasis. The only place in SD where you can find Alden, Carmina, Drake’s, and other top brands. By appointment only.

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    Premium Mediocre

    Your Gucci belt uses cheap leather. Your Louis Vuitton bag/wallet is just plastic coated canvas. Global conglomerate luxury brands rarely sell anything luxurious.

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